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*We are proud to offer a diverse range of bespoke steel fabrication services to suit all specifications and timescales.

Metal fabrication is very much in demand, and job prospects are excellent for those training (or hoping to train) in this segment of the construction and fabrication industries. College courses and apprenticeship programs are necessary, as these skills require a lot of specialised knowledge and training, both for safety and quality of work.

Many technical schools and colleges have certificates in metal fabrication, and there are even some associate’s degrees offered in the area. These types of courses will provide all of the basics you’ll need to get started working in the field. Practical experience on the job will add to your knowledge base, and allow you to take on new skills as technology and techniques advance and develop.

To find a course, contact a college or technical school and ask for details and guidance. You can also talk to local welding and fabrication shops and fabricators to see if they are looking for apprentices. It is often a financial benefit to a shop to take on an apprentice, so many are quite keen to do so. Some shops offer on-the-job training.

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